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The Nobel Hotel is at the Ulus, the downtown of the Ankara. It is within walking distance to historical places. (The first building of parliament, Ankara Castle, Ulus Atatürk sculpture, the museum of Anatolia Civilizations, Roman road and its traces, Ethnography Museum, Historical Çengelhan Rahmi Koç Museum are only the some of these historical places that we can list firstly) Our hotel 10-15 minutes distance to the TBMM, Bakanliklar (government offices), Ankara Adliye Sarayı (the law court of Ankara) and hospitals. Thanks to bus and subway, ease of transportation is possible to AŞTİ (the bus terminal of Ankara), where is needed for traveling. Railroad station and HAVAŞ are within 10 minutes walking distance. The distance to airport is 23 km. Again the sport complexes at Capital: 19 Mayıs Stadium, Atatürk Indoor Facility, Naili Moran Athletism and Indoor Facility, Selim Sırrı Tarcan Indoor Facility and Arena Indoor Facility, the elite indoor facility of Ankara are within 10 minutes walking distance to our hotel. Altınpark Fuar Merkezi, plays host to organized fairs in Capital, and Atatürk Kültür Merkezi is within 10 minutes distance to our hotel. You can reach to the Kızılay within 20 minutes by walking or within 10 minutes by bus or subway. For ensure of our dear customers that stay in our hotel, complete their jobs and travel without living any traffic problem, The Nobel Hotel is at your service with its 37 rooms and 71 beds in the focal point of the Capital City. Please let's not forget that “High quality sleep and breakfast are the first step to pass the day as successfully”